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  • website creation
  • support
  • site promotion
  • domain registration and hosting
  • website translation into other languages
  • development of web banners
  • creating presentations

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  • logo design
  • corporate identity development
  • development of brand book
  • packaging & label design
  • character reation
  • monogram development
  • graphic design

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  • brand development
  • brand naming
  • creating slogans
  • legend brand
  • vision, mission, and values
  • brand positioning
  • rebranding

Status: professional design studio

Founded: in summer 2002

Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Staff: All employees with one or two higher educations, PhD.

Our studio is working in the field of Computers → Internet → Web Design and Development.

We offer services for customers from all over the world.

Studio develop projects for:




















corporate identities
brand books
brand names

Web design studio FloMaster is a professional studio in Kiev, Ukraine. But, despite of the age of our agency we are proud of many successful projects, which are already completed.

We had an experience of joint creation of sites for medium and large commercial and public companies, as well as for private persons. As for today, more than 400 large companies entrusted us the creation of their sites. Amongst them Bank 'EuroBank'; the furniture manufacturer 'CETTI'; the restaurant of Japanese cuisine 'Yakitoria'; 'Odesacabel', 'HimMash' factory; 'Ukrainian Continuing Education Dental Centre' medical company; 'The Mirror of the World' publishing house; 'Decorum Ukraine' company; 'ARTEX' company; 'GIPRO-M' building company; 'Gran Plus' company and many others

Our studio is ready to create sites based on the up-to-date Internet-solutions. We create the site in the way you want to see it. We are ready to offer you the long-term partnership resulting in full 'return plus' of your invested capital.

Creating our web-sites we are aiming to reach as high quality and visual aesthetics as it is possible. Therfore:

  • All our projects are original and are attended by professional designers. In our work we use Photoshop, Corel Draw, Macromedia Flash and other professional software.
  • Make-up of the text is done manually, without application of visual editors. This allows obtaining a more compact code of the pages. Only the latest technologies are applied in the process.
  • All our scripts (programmes) are specially written for you by our programmers and not taken from standard sets of existing libraries. If needed, Java Script, Perl, Cgi, Php, MySql databases are applied.
  • We take care of our clients and stand ready to assist them in any problematic issues emerging while using the site (should there be any).

We apply flexible pricing policy for development of sites. We never tell the price basing on the number of pages or the number of graphic elements. After examination of future project details, we provide the customer with a detailed budget and schedule for site creation, which include real costs of implementation in terms of time and other resources. The prices are normally considerably lower than those of other studios. A customer can feel comfortable with them. We are always glad to suggest to you a range of alternative solution in development of a site. We would provide you with full information about each of them. That would allow you to chose the option, which would fully satisfy your specific needs, both in terms of price and functionality.

In our work we keep to the principle of the maximum openness to a customer. From the moment of our first meeting and until the moment when the projects is laid out in the Internet, we keep constant contact with the customer, providing him with preliminary results at each stage. This approach allows the timely corrections to be made. As result projects complies in the best way to the customer demands and market situation.

Our team comprises young experts with professional and creative touch in task solutions. We co-operate with many programmers and designers. This allows us to keep abreast with latest developments in the Internet space.

We guarantee an individual approach to development of your corporate site!